Thursday, 23 February 2017

Share Investment : This cash cow of a stock is ripe for a takeover offer

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RHB is looking after its "purchase" approach Fu Yu, the producer of accuracy plastic molds, as it trusts the counter is an alluring contender for privatization or takeover, with net money position and zero obligation. 

"We additionally think it can climate through the present extreme macroeconomic condition. Moreover, it keeps on trimming costs and enhance edges," says investigator Jarick Seet. 

In a Friday report, Seet says Fu Yu has a net money of 14 pennies for each share, zero obligation, solid money era abilities and low capex prerequisites. 

Likewise, its NAV of 23 pennies for every share is fundamentally lower than the present market esteem, given associates like Broadway Industrial Group and Chasen Holdings were as of late obtained at significantly higher valuations. 

To recap, Fu Yu revealed a 44.4% ascent in NPAT to $5.6 million in 4Q16. A 1 penny profit was proclaimed, conveying all out FY16 profits to 1.5 pennies, which speaks to a 6.8% FY16 yield. 

In the interim, FY16 net edge enhanced to 16.3%, from 15.9% a year back. 

"We anticipate that edges will keep on rising going ahead," says Seet, "This is expected the organizations progressing taken toll cutting measures and expanded operational efficiencies, combined with the switch towards higher edge ventures."

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